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National W. C. T. U. Meeting

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Boston, Nov. 12. - ïhe programma for the twcnty-flrst annuftl convention of t'no N'ational W. G. T. U., to be held at Cle ■ land, beginning Friday, Nov. 16, has ■ i givon to the Associated Press. ïhis e , 1vention will Hssume the nature of a historie anniversjsty. Thé origin, growth and entire hiatory of the National AV. C. ï. U. will bo ïwiowed, and maiiy of the most prominent workers of thts and ither countries will lx; present. The convention will last six days, including Suniay, rov. IS, on which date the anniverary sermón will be preaohed by President J. 'V. Basliford, D. I. , of the Wesleyan iinivi-rsity. An interesting feature of the convention will be a testimonial to Geiuu-ul Ncal.Dow %nd an address by him. Among thenoted svorkers and friends of the cause who are xpocted to be present are: Mrs. E. J, Thompson, leader of the first crusade band; Moüher Stewart, the world-wide srusader; Lady Henry Somerset, presiLlent of the British C. T. A. ; Sasan B. Anthony, the equal suffr,iíi5t; Mrs. Jeannettö, late president of the India W. C. T. U. ; Madame Layah Bakarat, Syria; Madame Chita Sakuria, Japan; Misse V. J. Solomon, A. P. Ferguson and Anna M. Cummings, Capetown, tíouth África; Gteneral Neal Dow and many otlier reform leaders.


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