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"our Journey Around The World."

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We have had the pleasure of perusing the new book with the title indicated in the heading. It was undertaken under especially favorable conditions by Rev. Francis E. Clark, D. D., president of the United Society of Christian Endeavor, and his wife, and throughout the long journey, which occupied more than a year, and covered nearly fifty thousand miles by sea and land, they enjoyed rare opportunities for observation and study. The entire volume is niarked by fresh, original, and strikingmaterial, and is one of the most valuable books ever issued by the American, press. The reader is personally conducted through Austria, India, China, Japan, Egypt, Palestine, Turkey and many other lands. We see these countries through American eyes, and obtain a perfectly clear view of them and their people, supplemented by two hundred and twenty splendid illustrations from photographs, most of which were taken by Dr. Clark himself; for he carried a complete photographic outfit with him. The daily life of a Chinaman in his own country; his favorite food and odd dishes; the singular rites witnessed in the temples; Chinese farms and farming; the seamy side of Chinese life; Japanese acrobats and their wonderful performances; the burning ghats of India, where the bodies of the dead are consumed on huge piles of wood (a ceremony Dr. Clark witnessed); the Towers of Silence where the dead are exposed to be devoured by thousands of waiting vultures that constantly sit on the walls; native jugglers, snakecharmers, and fakirs - these are but a few of hundreds of interesting topics presented. Their route led across the land that Joseph gave to his father and srethren; past the very fields where the Israelites made bricks without straw, andalongthehighways where once rolled the chariots of the Pharaohs. Much time was spent in the museum of Bulak (Kgypt)- the most wonderful museum in all tue world, - where may now be seen the mumray of the Pharaoh who oppressed the Children of Israel. The story of the discovery of Pharaoh's mummy among those of forty other mummies of kings, queens, and princes found in the royal mortuary chamber in the Theban Hills, and the identification of Pharaoh, is well told. Illustrations from photographs show where the mummy was found, and others give full-length profile, and front views of the anci ent king who was contemporary with Moses and reigned in Bible times thus enabling all to s e -'just hou, Pharaoh looked. " It is one of the most wonderful things of this age that the mummy of this infamous king, whose burial place was hidden for centuries, should at last be found, and the withered body be exposed to the gaze of the curious. The name of Rev. Francis E. Clark is a familiar household word, and his fame has extended to every corner of the world. Many distinguished persons urged him to write this book. They knew that he had acquired in this remarkable journey a wealth of material which, with his unique collection of photographs, would niake one of the most valuable books of the day. AU will find in it delightful entertainment, rare amusement, and solid information. To possess it is to prize it; to read it is to obtain a liberal education. It contains steel-plate portraits of Dr. Clark and of his wife, from recent photographs; a large map, exhibiting the whole world at a single glance, showing the author's journey from the beginning to the end, 230 fine illustrations, from photographs from life. These must be seen to be appreciated. We do not know when 640 pages have given us more genuine pleasure. If we speak warmly of the book, it is because it richly deserves it. It is sold only by agents and is meeting with an enormous sale. The work is published by the old and well-known firm of A. D. Worthington & Co., Hartford, Conn., whose imprint 's sufficient guarantee of the excellence of the volume.


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