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A New Candidate

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Mine. Daudurand is ;i inC.v vrlio ba9 recently writteu ti paper on the iiifln cc of womeu's club-; era (Junudiau lito. In this article slic s:iid sornethiug v.ii-n ought to bo w ritten i:i letters al' gold and hniigon thewaUsof every wonum' club in Christendom. She begged all Bociefics to arlmit a uew candidate to mcmbei'ship - gayety. "I crave yon, " she sai tl, "nottogiveit au ülreqeption. It is su''h fioodchild. An:l tlieu it Jias wropgfuUy beeu accused of beiag too superficial. 1 am aware that there ia no between it and pedantry, bnt it is also trae that the daughter of vir is at beart on t'.u best termswith scieuce. A genial deineaiior seems to accord best with the nature of woiuen, who are uever pardoned when they nsurp the serions gravity of the strong sex. Tlie muses are auythiugbut moróse. Apollo is the most charming among the gods. If tho diviue sisters were all to resemble the grave Minerva, ai3#. if the son of Phoebus thought of distinguishing hirnself as a stern mentor, the temples would soon be deserted. ' '


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