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Pecksniffian England

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A delightful lllustration of that incvrable hyponrisy which is one of Englaud's national characteristics and which is most exasperating to foreignrs tf sren in The Daily News. As a go &nt organ The News had to say pleuisaV ibings abont the prime minister's 3i,'pch at the Guildhall bauquer. and it certainly laid on praise with a very large brush, the predominant sentiment of its chief editorial being that Lord Rosebery is a great, self sacriíic ing statcsiuan, and that England is th greatest and most unselfish nation in the world. "The premier did uot say one word too much about the danger of those vast European armaments which seem to ulerease rather than diminish with years. He might perhaps have added a word in favor of international rlisarniament, which was once the dream of romantic missionaries and is now thc hope of practical statesmen. It is trae that the British navy has lately been strengtheued and eularged, but the pnrely defensivo nature of that celebrated force is not doubted by the most captious of critics. " Thus spoke the great international Pecksniff in all his noble siugleness of heaurt and purpose. Other wicked nations raise vast armies each with bad ulterior designs against his neighbors, but England, although she sedulously increases lier fleet, does so solely for the glory of peace and good will among men. The British navy, in fact, is a great engine of peaee, guaranteed notto hurt a fly. It may bo urged by cynical foreigners that the great English nowspapc-r, amid tlie general approval of the Boniitry, has been insisting that the British fiect was not strong eucmgh to fight Franco and Russia combined and lihould be made fit to do so with the least possible delay, and that a proposal is afoot to créate a new politioal party pledged, before eveiything else, to make tho army and navy alike more effective for offense as well as defense. But The Daily News or any other English paper will experience no difficulty in provine that this movcment is


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