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One More Victim

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Chicago, Nov ís - Evcry day now evilenee is brought to light to show that no more olever or thorougli villain has contributod to t'io history of crime than H. H. Holmes, the Ufe insuranoe swindler now underarrost. Ín I'hüadelphia. Following closely on the story of the mysterious disappoarance oí the Williams sis ters cornos a thlrd woman victim - namely. Misa Kale Durkeo. Again lt Is the queation. Whore is she? and again the an. iwer: Probably murdered. At all events. Kate Durkee had property, the documents repri'senting the property carne lnto the hands of H H. Holmes by theft, the woman mysteriously disappearcd, and Holmes showed t.itle to the property. Whoever Mïs Durkee was, she was not Miss Williams; she was of dark complexion, with dark eyes and hair, while Miss Williams was a blonde. Miss Durkee Snddenly LHgappenrs. One year agp twenty-flve creditors of H. H. Holmes met ut the office of Gcorge B. Chnmberlin and marie a desperate effort to find out. who and where Miss Durkee was. It was supposed at that time that she was an accomplice of Holmes, and that property illegally obtained was be[ng transferred Into her name. and the credit ors wislied to reach it Suddenly Uurfee dropped quietly and entiroly from iht, and like the Williams sisters luis left no trace behind. "I believe she wiis iimi'dorpd." said Mr Chamberlin in jpeaklng of the matter toa reporter. "I heliere also that both of the Williams sisters were mufdered, and I nmke this stateueiit om che streugth, not of published reports. bat vh:it I know personally of the Matter." Has a Large Mast of Fact. Mr. Chambarlain, who is propriotor of the Lafayette Meroantlle ageney, began hia investigación of Holmes a ycar ago last September. At that timo he was at liis maln place of business at Lafayotto, Ind., and a bilí for goods bought of the Perkins Wlndmtll and Ax company.of Mishawaka, Ind., was placed in his hands for collection. Shortly after thU Mr. Chamber lain carne to Chicago and oponed his branch office in 1209 ïacoma building. Since then he has been stoadily gathering f acts about the operations of Holmes in thls city uittil he uoiv has a large bundie of documentar? evidenc conctH-ning hi Soings. Cannot lieve! Hi% Kiience. "There are soiuo facts which profpssional oonfldenoe forbids me to reveal," said he. 'There are poople. here in this city whose names must not be revealed until the matter has reachnd a more advauced stage. At prosont there ave only indictincnts against Holmes for conspiracy. Whrn wc have the ovidence a litte more 'ii nainl we caksulato to bring an indictment whicli will jmt him out of the way forsome time." Twlce beforo he left the city Holmes was put in the ''sweat box." The first Clme veas Xor. 17 and the secoiid was Xov. ál, 1893. Criminal action was pending and it was plánned co nab him at the third appointment, but some one let him know and when tho creditors met for the third time the bird had fiown.