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Feeding The Hungry Strikers

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New Yokk. Nov. 22. - A large crowd of hungry cloakmakurs, their wives and children, crowdect the strikers' relief headquarters to secure provisions which were distributod aniong those possessing tickets showing their eligibility to receive th food. The placo was so densely packei! and the crowd was so etamorous aiui vu;lcnt that foremost applicants were pushod md jostled hy thoso behind them uutil tho counter over which the provisions weiv distributed gave way. Men, women, and children were mixed indiscriinlnately witii lircad, potatoes, sugar, sausages, and other odibles. Tlio womeii scrcametl and the meu shouted, but order was flually restored and the work of distributing weut on quietly. At a meeting of strikeri over which Joseph Barondess presided lt wai a:inounced that na new developments h;ul occurred in tho strike. Tho manuf.votnrors aro, howevcr, ïnuch perturbed uv the fact that soiuo of their number i ;- ceding to the demanda of the strikers [t is cluimed that the manufacturera a.u bound by special agreement to maintaiu faitli with ('ach otlier in the strike, and that delinquents aro liablo tö legal prosucution.


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