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A Grand Oftering that will outclass anything done heretofore. Every item quoted below worth doublé. Our reputation as íai)dkerchief Meadíqliariers ís well established. Avoid the rush. Buy now. Don' t let that Christmas Dollar Go until you have seen OurLow Trices. Ladies' H. S. Embroidered Fancy Border and White Hdkfs. , Some with Lace Edge, all to go at 5c each. Ladies' Pure Linen H. S., also Swiss Embroidered, the 20c kind, great valué at 10c each.' Ladies' Fine Swiss Embroidered Handkerchiefs, the 25c kind, all to go at 15c or two for 25. At 25c we show some wonderful values in Fine Embroidered Handkerchiefs, pure Linen and Swiss. worth 50c. 100 dozen Japanese Silk Embroidered Handkerchiefs, at 10c and 15c each. 50 dozen Gents' Pure Silk H. S. Initial Hadkerchiefs, worth 50c, all to go at 25c each. Gents' Pure Linen H. S. Initial Handkerchiefs, a bargain at 25c a yd. Ladies' Real Duchesse Lace Handkerchiefs at 50c and 75c each. 10 dozen Fine Embroidered Chifíbn Handkerchiefs, the $1 kind, at 50c each. It"s no secret that we lead the Handkerckief trade of Ann Arbor. What's the use of waiting for the crowd of Holiday shoppers. Piek the best and brightest now. ullñ.ÍMliii!?OI llJjijüi LowPricesBaamÊammmmmsBamammmÊmÊÊÊKimÊmmaBÊBamamaaBaBi


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