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Companion Book to Harmonised Melodies of which 275,000 Copiss m sold in { Mik Melodious Harmonies! Por Piano or Organ. A colleetion of 350 Gems ot' Mus-'c, edited and arranged by Olía. D. Blake, whose skillful arrangement of ;' Harmonized Meíodies ' made that book the greatest triumph of any vocal publication up to date. Tbis is no collection frotn old plates, but every measure in it 256 pages (each larger than sheet music and containing doublé the amonnt of ordinary music, yet not in any way crowded, but plain, distinct and easily read), was newly set up in type from the manuscript, prepared for this book by Mr. Blake. 350 MA3THII Y 256 Gems mA5ltHLÏ pages Musical INSTRUMENTAL Complete Library and inltself! COLLECTIuN Unabridged! It contains selections from all the great ancient and modern masters. Between its covers, beautifully designed by Ipsen, can be found every conceivable variety of instrumental music. Selections from Oratorios by Handel, Haydn, etc. Gems of nearly all the Grand Operas. The beauties of the Comic Operas, Popular Songs, Waltzes, Marches. Galops, Nocturnes, Transcriptions, V"ariations and Melodies. Original compositions never before published. In fíne, it appeals to all classes, to every variety of taste, and will be found upon examination to contain more instrumental music of better quality, by the best authors, at the least price, than was ever before offered by any publisher since the Pilgrims landed on the Flymoutfc Rock. $100. woRiyF Music for 25c. A new subscriber to the Akgüs who pays a year's subscriptior; in advance, can secure a copy of the above book for 10 cents.


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