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Our Trade With The Spaniard

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Treasury officials, at the request of the state departmont, are engaged in collecting statistics showing the volume of the trade that would be affected by a repetition of his action In 188ti by the president. It appears that the Spanish oolonies would get nmch the worst oL it. The tables show that during the fiscal year ended June 30 last Cuba alone exported to tho United States goods to the aggregato value of $75,679,2bl and took from us goods to the amount of only $1955,237. Porto Rica sent us in the same time goods valued at $3, 135,634 and reoeived in return goods to the amount of $3, 705,646. With the direct trade with Spain the case was reversed, for our exports to that country amounted to $13, 114,076, against imports amounting to 4,25:,875. The tariti differenoes botween Spain and the United States are being watched with interest by otlier sugar producing countries, particularly Hawaii and Brazil, as the execution of Secretary tíresham's throat to discrimínate against Cuban products will créate a heavy demand for raw sugar, now brought ahnost exclusively from Cuba. Mr. Hastings, in charge of tho Hawaiian legation, is an interested observer of the Spanish negotiations. Tho Hawniian sugar planters have been giving close attention to Cuba of late, many of tliem visiting the island and studying tho Cuban processes of making sugar. One of them wrote Mr. Hastings recently of the antiquated methods prevailing, and another Hawaiian planter pointed out to him that the Cubansgot but?5 tons of cane and two tons of actual sugar to the acre. The Hawaiians thought that doublé this yield should be obtained and that Cuban plantations could not exist if cut off from the United States market. Being only 100 milos from this country they depend ontirely on it for disposing of thoir great product. Hawaii would expect to bencflt if Cuba were shut out. The Hawaiians expect soon to conclude Kuropean treaties. Minister Thurston luis written Hastings briefly from Lisbon to the effect that his trip to Spain is proving entirely satisfactory. The minister lias visited many European countrics for the purposo of inducing them to renew their treaties of' commerce and ainity with the uew republic of the Pacific. He also sought to mako arrangements for imgration to Hawaii of the better classes of the laborers.


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