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Made Some Grewsome Charges

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Columbus, O., Fob. 14.- In the Unite! ' line Wurki'is' eonvention President Adams, among other charges against the j fllcials Inst year, said that ho boüeved he j ras to have been poisoned by one Brackeu, labor leader of Columbus. The general harge is that Penna, Crawford aDd others orruptly deolared off the strike last l ïer. Penna, replying to tho charge by Adama that the strike of last year had oen 6ettled corruptly, said ho believed Adams, as claimed by himself, had been j ffered money by a superintendent to cali I fï the opposition of some Ohio niiners to M basis of settlement which was finally greed upou, but it was villainons, maliious and oowardly for Adama because he ïad been offered a bribe to publish his aelief and inuendoes that the national ffioer3 had aceepted one or been jroached in a similar way. Penna said: "ïhe superintendent did not attempt to bribo me, but wliy did the man try to bribe Adams if he did not i lavo suffioient reason to believo that tho J jribo would ba acceptable. Mr. Adams must sustain his charges or go out among ,he miners and public as a vülainous slan.erer or mentally deranged man." Patick McBryde rested his case on Adams' own statement. [Applause.] Camerou Miller did the same thing. P. B, Hynes, of Pennsylvanla, offered a resolution vinlicating the national ofïicers and extendng sympathy to Adams, vho was acting on his own convietions. As the report of ho cominittee 011 credentials showing who were t;ntitled to voto was not comlete the vote on the resolution went over ill todav.


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