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Too Poor To Print Reports

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The National academy of sciences is not popularly known to the American public, althouh established by congress as a rep.-oseata tive nstitution of this country over thirty-oue years a;rr. The acadeiny includes in its list of meuabers ui ïny of the most honorable Dames in American science. anti is of socb rank that it has been a board of appeal upon a number of govrninentil que ,tions wh ch raquirud export seijntiiic judgraent. Oue oí its important functions, too, is the awarding of medals and g-ratuities for meritorious progress in scientific research. It has no funds, however, witli the exeeption of a sing-le leg-acy, and c:unot publish its reports. This is the 842,000 (State left by Alexander Dal'as Bache of Philadelphia, and its ík come has contributed to tha prosecu tion of ori&inal American research in physics. The nniversity of Pennsylvania. where Mr. Bache was a professor, the Franklin institute, of which he was a promotor; Oirard colleg-e, of which he was the first pi-esident. and the public schools of Philadelphia, of which he was superintendent, all honor the rnemory of this earnest scientist.


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