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Do Your Duty, Democrats

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Klsewhere will be found the cali for the democratie county convention. Every party interest imperatively demands that it be a representative gathering of the democratie clans. To this end every believerin the party faith should consider it his individual duty to see to it that his ward or township delegation is full and complete, and that there shall not be a single vacancy in any delegation that comes up to the convention. The republicans, encouraged by the victory of last fa.ll, are alert and active, and determined, if possible, to not only retain the advantages then gained, but to add to them the board of supervisors and the county commissionership of schools. To forestall this is the democratie duty of the hour, and the first effort to this end should be a full and enthusiastic county convention next Tuesday. Old Washtenaw is democratie as of yore, and all that is necessary to prove this is for democrats to arouse themselves and get the vote out. No democrat worthy the name will therefore lie down and permit the enemy to walk unresistingly up and down his anatomy because of the temporary set-back of last f all. The democratie cause, which is the cause of the people, is as iust today as ever before, and the party cannot afford to default. Let the caucuses and the convention be inspired with the usual democratie activity and determination and enthusiasm, and it will go a long way toward victory in April,


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