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Asleep Eleven Years

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There is a girl named Marguerite Bouyenval at Thenelles, in the ïiorth of France, near St. Quentin, who ia reported to have been asleep for the past 1 1 years. A good deal of doubt has been thrown ou this pheuomenal slnmbering case, not only in Pai'is, but also in TheneUes aud its vicinity, where there are two camps, one of the believers and the other of those who maintain that the so called sleeping beauty rises at night and has a good supper. The matter has been investigated by a Parisian, ■who has seen the girl and found her as lean as a skeleton and as stiff as a corpse, but still living. Her mother injects uiilk, peptone and sometimes wine through a broken tooth in the girl's mouth. Margnerite Bouyenval inade away with a baby 11 years ago, and the gendarmes veere sent to her house. The girl was so frightened at their approach that she had an attaok of hysteria, which lasted several hours, and at the end of which she feil into a trance. The doubts thrown on the continuation of the trance have evidently been caused by the fact that the mother of the sleeping girl has made a good dfial of money by exhibiting her. A Jocal doctor, who has observed the case during the 1 1 years, informed the investigator from Paris that Marguerite Bouyenval had really been asleep during the whole time. Occasionally she had hysterical cries, but did not awake after them. Other doctors have also agrecd as to the genuineness of the phenomenon, and the sleeping girl of Thenelles remaiua a human


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