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Life Lost At Sea

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PUILADKLPHIA, Feb. 2.".- The losa of liie at sea this winter 'kis heen greater than during any oorrusponding perlotl within the reoollection oL the oklcst shipping men along the wharves. It has been year-i sinco so many Phlladelphla vessels have been lost, and the local undorwriters eannót attempt at this time to figure out j just what number of policios they will have to pay, as it is contended that the f uil and worst results of the recent storms have not yet come to light. It is a pitiable sight to stand at the entrance gate to the Marítimo exchange as the doorkeeper is befieged by anxious wivos and other relatives of seamen who went to sea previous to the great storm of the 7th instant, md have not yet been hearil trom. ICiglit Kouls Aboard One Slicoouer. The friends ol Captain Oliver,. of the Philadelphia schooner Emma J. Meyer, which sailed lrom Charleston fourteen days ago with a cargo of railroad ties and has not since been heard from aro almost prostrated with grief, as they believe the vessol has foundered and that all hands, eight in number, have besn lost. The vessel wou ld in all probability have been about off the Jersey coast at the time the storm raged. Her agones here have, however, not given up hope, clahning thatshe may have been driven off to the eastward of the guit stream and being crippled has not been able to work back. Tb Others with Sixteen Men. On Jan. 29 the three-masted schooner Marooshen, (Japtaiu F, S. Brown, ladon with Hü5 tona of coal and manned by a rew of scven men, saünl from this port ound for Wiscasset, Ik, lut siuce that une no tidings havo been had of her and t is thought liki-ly tliac she, too, met with the guio oï the 7th instant, and oundored with all hands. Nothing has ver been heard from the BC.hooner Govrnor Aines, which sailed l'rom Salem arly in '.e month for Philadelphia or íaltimo.e. 8ho is manned by a crew of ii.o men and is the best known vessel on ho coast, bi-ini; distinguished by being hé only five-juasted schooner afloat. Frobtible Ti'tB of tlie Dalllug and Otbers. The family of Captain Dolling, of the Philadèlphia schooner Maggie Dalling, vhicli was passed at sea on the 13th inst. n latttude 33:08, longitud 75:05, abandned, water-logged and with the foremast gone and mizzen and main masts gone )y the deck, has given up hopes of his aiety, andmany other vessels are missing and, there is littlo doubt, loundered in the same gale.


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