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A Triangular Fight At Sea

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Feb. 20, 1815, was the i-;re of ona of "Old L'onsides' " most notcd battJes. Slie liad inst caped from the port of Boston, whore a Britisb squadron had kept her under blookade over tüght moutbs, and was "spoiling1" for action. While sailing from the A.ores to Madeira about noon 011 the 20th slio sighted two vesseJs - the corvct C'yana, of 22 guus, and tha sloop Levant, of 20. They were ten miles p;irt at first, the Levant in tha wake, but Kieing the Constitution in chaso the latter made haste to join her consort. Captain Charles Stewart was uew to the deck of the gallant old ship, but ship nd comrnauder were well matchisd. Orowding ou all srtil until the royal mam mast snnpped off under tha load, Stewart gave chase. üwiug tothe accident to the mast, he did not oom a up to the Britons u 11 1 i 1 eveinng, and then the two had uuited. The Constituí ion ranged alongside tlie Cyaue and firefl a broadside into her at 200 yards. The j on of oourse 1 plied, bnt the ! Coustitut io)i ! foraed ahead er the Levant. It was give and take witb these two until they were oompletcly burietl in sinoke, and this gave the Cyane a chance to crawl up under the Constitntion's quarter. Stewart instantly tacklod the new enemy, giving the Levant a parting broadside. Skillfnlly nvoidiug a rake from the Cyane, he backed tmtil he brought her abeam, tlitn silenoer) her with a treniendous caunonade. Tlie Levant meanwhile bore lowu to hc!p her consort. Seeing this, Stewart filJed out, and running tor her gave lier two stern rakes before she ! coulrt wear to get into position. j ing himseli, he maueuvered undercover of the smoke until he brought his ship astern of thei Cyane. Raking her as be had hor conaort, he compelled her to strike and hasteued alter the Levant, wiiieh lüi'l !■ mled oiï to repair, bnt was returning iv the combat. The two niet on opjiosito tacks and exuhanged broadsides. A few volleys were enough for the Briton, aufl she tried to escape, but the Coilstitntion kept at her heels and bronaht her to with her bow cuns.


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