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"must Be Fighting Done First.'

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Feb. 22 is the auuiversary of Major Forsyth's gállant , attempt to hoLl Ogdensburg (1813) against the British attacking the village in two columns, north and west. Forsyth defended the west approach on the point beyond the Oswegatchie. Behind an old inausion wall he formeel his mei), with a six pounder on the right and another in the center. The first volley, held until the enemy was close up. threw his line into confusión, and all the assailants rau out on the ice to escape the cannonade. In the village proper were three cannou at different poiuts, manned by a few men. At. daylight over 500 British marched in, overwhelnnng the first batu-ry encountered before a .shot was fired. At tho next battery the elevating sorew broke after n few siiotP, and the oaptain and his men crossed the river to joiu Forsyth. Tho third and last piece held out until oVerpowered, and the column paraded on the ico in front of Forsyth. Summoned to surrender ander pain of having his band put to the sword, the frallant American replied, "Tbere must bo more fighting done first." A few shots from tho guns sent tlio enemy to cover among the houses. While marksiiicn kept np a fire on tlie American gnnners the main body of British idvanced over the ice to storm the position. The guu captains had both been ahot down, besides some 20 men, and with the odds of eight to one against him Forsyth sounded retreat, declaring that if yÓO soldiers would rally to his flag the lost gronnd Bhould bo retaken and more with it, or he wonld die in the attempt.


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