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A Rehearsal For Waterloo

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Ftíb. 14, 1814, Napoleon f ought the a 1 1 i e s at Vaucharnps, coveriug Paris. The daywas rnarked by one of thosestrangeprophetic episodes so comtnon in the life of the man of destiny. Tlie ohief actors in it were Grouchy and Blucher, loser and viotor in the side game which decided Waterloo. Blucher was beaten at Vauohamps, and Napoleon sent Grouchy, with 3,000 horse, to sweep around to lus rear and block the road of retreat. At sundown Grouchy s line of sabers stretched across the road where it as ceuded a slight eminence, completely hemming in the retreating columns. Within a few days Blucher had lost 15,000 uien and 27 cannon in hopeless battles. Iu despair he rode along tho Frenen front, hoping tbafc a shot froni Grouchy's carbineers would spare hitn the disgrace of surrenderiug. Arousod at last, he placed the few remaining canuon at the head of a column aud or dcred it to maroh in close mass upon the Frenoh cavalry. Grouchy had no artillery, aud after waiting l'or the ene j niy tq expeud his best shots charged up to the ruuzzles of the guns. It was a useless sacriflee. The horSemen recoiled aud Blucher marched stuadily on witl his rnain column, sacrificing, however, the cletachments on the flauks. Grouchy in desperation, rode fearlessly into the enemy's ranifi, sabering the Germans right and left Blucher got through effected a junction with reserves, am reaohing Paris compelled Napoleon to yield the empire. Had either 'of the great marshals been killed, what of the event which tnrned the scale at Water loo?


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