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Saving The Day At Donelson

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Feb. 15, 1862, rlecided the fate of the Confederates at Fort Donelson. Finding themselves 3ompletely hemmed in, the garrison m;de ;; desperate sortie and opened a coad of rotreat. Grant, after looking the gromid over, exclaimed, "The position must be retaken. " A column was fonnerl, with General C. F Smith's división on tlio lef t and Lew Wallace's on the right. The ground in front of Smith wascovered with abatis, which, hismen declared, "looked too thick for a rabbit to got through. " Smith rode in front of the center, ereot as if on review, a bold target for the Confedérate sharpshooters. A soldier, describing tho charge, said, "I was nearly scared to death, but suw the old man's white mustache over his shoulder and went ahead. " At the abatis the men feil in rews. Tho firo was awful, and seeing soine wavering Smith put his cap on his sword, swKiig it high in the air and shouted: "Xo flinching now, my lads. Come on!" Picking a patb among the trees, the men followed after their gallaut cliief up the hill and planted their colors ou the breastworks - the flags of the Second, Seventh and Fourteenth Iowa and Twenty-fifth Indiana. Wallace's división was led by the Eleventh Indiana zouaves and the Eighth Missouri under Colonel Morgan L. Smith. Colooel Smith lit acigarand guided his men up tho ascent, deploying to cover the entire front and cheering as they went. Under the crest there ■was a slight halt. Smith 's cigar had been shot awny in the climb, and taking out another he called for a match. One was handeil hiin by a soldier. "Thank you, " saidhe. "Take your place now. We are almost up. " The men began loauing and iïriug, and after a brief struggle on the crest, ended by the rushing of Wallace's supporting brigades, the wholo line moved forwïird, driving tho encmv back froni tho csjvoted ridge.


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