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Canceled The Hall Contract

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SAVAXXA.H, Gil, Fob. 28. - The board of ïn.-m.tgcrs uf tho Yuung Men's Hebrow asBociatlon, which has the lease of the hall in Masouic Temple, adopted resolutions cancolling the contract for tho hall with ÍSÍuttery, the ex-pvicst. Tho resolutlou s this actiou -is taken as Slattory's ' ïanguago is calculated to incite to riot 'vuüangering the lives and property of the cltizen-í of Savannah. There has beon no renewed tronble. Feeling runs high and Slattery received assurances irom raany sources that he should be protected at his lecture by citizens regardloss of pólice or military. Savannah's good name is held to be at stake and many eitizens express a determination that it t.hall not bo said that freedom of speech is suppresscd here. Slattery madü formal application for permits for his wifc and himself to lecture and Mayor Alyers grunted thetu. About 1 o'clock yesterday morning fonr three-story buildings at Farm iind Margaret streota wer blown up The explosión wreckod them completely. Unsuccessful efforts wore made during the day to burn the .Masonic Temple. Tho pólice havo a long list of sames of leaders of the rioters, and thcy will be arrested as rapidly as. possible. Ono of tho leaders in the polici jourt insulted and defiüd the recorder, and was sent to j.ul for thirty days for contmpt. During tho aftcrnoon Slattery and his wife went to Masonic Hall where a large crowd of women had collected to hear Mr?. Slattery lecture. A guard of polico was along, but the hall was closed in accordance with the decisión of the lessees. Mrs. Slattory then went to her hotel, where hundreds of women called on her, and she htld a reception. There is but one general expression of opinión among Americans, and that is that Slattory shall lecture if he desires if it takes the wholo military force and the citizens to protect him. Ho will lecture at Odd Fellows'hall tonight.


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