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A Red Bank (N. J. ) correspondent of the Philadelphia Time says: Ice yachting on the North Sbrewsbury river has become a sport of considerable importanoe, and the past few years have developed many uew ideas in the building and rigging of the fleet craft. While the men are sailing their big yachts the boys are on hand with craft of their own inake. The boys of the town have o club and a Iittle clubhouse and own not less than 15 yachts, some of them built in the most approvod ner, but more of tliem put together ronghly and tnaking anytbiug but a tbing of beauty btill they sail, and that is good enough for the boy who builds tbem. Any Saturdny whou the school ohildren are on hand to swell the crowd of skaters and spectators it is wortb oue's time to c-arefully look over the crowd und note what is taking place. A man with a patent popcorn machine on vheels is poppiugcoru aud selling it as fa.-t as be can gct it in bags and take the uioney Hot cofïee is also on sale. Fancy skaters glide about here and there, each with a crowd of admirers. The big brotheris pushing bis little sister about, on i sled, and ladies in chair I sleds are btím' pusbed about by ad ínirers, who are ouly too glad of the opportnnity to be put to sucii task. Rich, poor, black and white, well dressed or in rags, everybody is out, and all are happy. Now and then & small boy in a hnrry bumps into some richly ciad dainsel. Botb go flat on theirbauks, but it'a allright. Anywhero else the boy would certaiuly bo arrested, but on the ice everything goes.


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