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There is no part of the American system which retlects more credit on its authors, and has worked better in practice, than the supreme courts, both state and national. It has had the advantage of relegating questions not only intricate and delicate, but peculiarly Hable to excite partisan passions, to the cou! dty atmosphere of judicial determination. It has attracted to the discharge of those important functions jurists whose learning and abilities rank with any bench the world (as known. üur court of last resort has been and is now a notable example of that fortúnate condition. It has been removed from party strife, and its decisions have always been accepted as fair and unbiased interpretations of organic law. Hut it is not good public poücy to selee the personnel of the court entirely from the ranks of one politica party. It will not add to publi respect for that tribunal to retire an able justice solely on account of his political convictions. The court as now constituted consists of two publicans and one democrat. Tha democrat, Justice McGrath, is a candidate fsr re-election. His ca reer as a jurist reflects credit upon ! the court and the profession. 1 is a record of which the state o Michigan may well be proud. If he is defeated it will be to make place for a republican. A bench con structed wholly upon partisan grounds cannot nidintain the high character of a non partisan tribunal. It matters not how just the interpretations nor how clear the principie involved, the decisions on I many questions which come before it will be distrusted and the influence and standing of the court impaired.


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