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Sherman Got The Right Of Way

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"ínrch 16, II the i ■ 'i an's first c;tbtheeu :.=iu(' the Carolinas. Kilriatrick, wiih liis troopers, led the column. The CoSfodi nndeT Ilavlce, vrho bad been drivcn from Saváunali, öpposed the marab in wayppssible. At Averysboro, Kilpatrick met fbom burryiug to seize a defensivo position bötwGen a swainpand a rleep raviüo whre thoro was only a narrow pa'í.s for ;ui ariny to march. Seudinghia skirmishers grillopiug; aliead lioprnpared to give battlo for the right of way, but bis offioers wero ;ikir:)od at what appeared to tbern slieer.recklnssness aady wanted to " draw. D a v y Crockett's favorite axiom was also that of this bravo cavalrymeu. "Gentlemen," saiil he, "we may fet tho worst of it, yet the eneruy must not hold this road if iny forcé eau prevent i t. Sberman wants to pass this way toniorrow. " Dismountin portions of eaoh regiment, he directed the men to barricade the farther brink of the ravine with rails, brush and timbeara, whilo skirmishers kept the encmy at a safe tance. Several desperate charges upon the barricades were repulsed and when Shermau's infantry reached the scène next raoruing Kilpatrick held the key to the situatiou. Moving bis squadrons to tho right and loft a conple of infantry brigades relieved them at the parapets. Then the lines dashed forward and drove the from the path, losing but öOO men in au encounter which must havo oost dearly had the eneiny been allowed the choice of ground.


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