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Won By Cannon Balls And Bayonets

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Maroh 8, .;. was tbo focou;: of the bnttle of ï;a Ei;1:.", Ark. i r. h iribJo re :ise on tbo 7ih, Van Dom's C o n Í e (1 - ratea rail'zd on a woodul heighc iu hout oí wbich Eigel's fresh Ui;ioi división hnú deployed beiovo dav! rht. Davia and ï.rrVt divisicuis on S e right opeisen the conflict, Bigel w'-x ■ 1 rl his batierios iro lino as tacy galloped to tbc fielfl. The pieccs wt ru lö or 20 paces apart, V7ith iuíantry betwi en. Eacb {íuh oponed tbe moment it v?as milimbcrod. Trees iu tbe pathveav of tbo Uuíou sbota were cut down, anu stoncs ou tho crest ■ nprooted and hnrled amoug tbc Confedérate ranks. Af ter t wo boura c;;m;onading Sigfil's liife moved ouward. Tbo artillery baltedon tbo last ridge, firiirg at sbort range until thc infantry began to climb tbe slope. Onward and npward marohed tbe dark blue lino of men andgleamingbayonets, frorn baso to summit. There it was met by a terrible volley of ballets from the enflmy sheltered in the dense forest. Witb an aiisweriug volley and a oheer, the men swept on, Illinoisans, Indianians, ilissourians, bunting the Confedcrates throngh tbe woods to open ground. Tben tbeir line broko in confusión, leaving flagB and cannon as tropbies for tbe victors.


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