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For The Glory Of Nelson

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March 13, 1811, was the date of a b a 1 1 1 e off Lissa which pai'took of the nature oí' a iuel at sea. The traditions of the navy rather than national welfare inspired the combatants. Tho French held Lissa. Commodore Dnbourdien, with fonr 40 gmi frigatos, two smaller ones and a corvet lay outside the harbor. Captain Hoste, with the three British frigates, Amphion, Cerebus and Active, and the sloop Volage, passing throngh the Adriatic, made out the French squadron and gave chase. Dnbourdien had captnred Lissa by flying false colors and had, moreover, reported that Hoste witnessed the capturo and avoided encounter with his flect. The gallant Englishmen had but four ships to the enemy's seven, a third less guus and but 900 searuau agaiiist 2, 500. Forming his line with the Amphion leading, he ran up every inch of buntiug on the fleet. To still f urther inspire the men, just before closing in for action ho displayed on the flagship the legend, ''Reinember Nelson. " A roar of huzzas sounded over the water and the ships closed p so tbat the French could not break between. Dubonrdien's flagship Favorita hove to, iutending to board the Amphiorj, her orew led by the commodore standing ready iu the forecastle. A howitzer charged with 750 musket balls was flred into the crowd. Dubourdien and half his men feil. Hoste then drovo the Favorito on tho rocks, where she blow up. Thereafter itwasship against ship, except for the Amphion, which looked after two 40 gunners, tho Bellona and Flore. The Flore soon struck, and tho Beilona did the sanie after her captain feil. The Active overhauled the Corona and fought her nearly an hour. Sho flnally hauled down tho tricolor alinost under the guns of frieudly batteries.


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