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MACK & SGHMIU. 'lhe question will naturally aria the mind of the reader. Does this kind of advertising pay? Can a firm in Ann Arbor advertise to this extent with proftt to themselves? This question is best answered by Walter C. Mack their manager who says, "Tho only way such aan bemade profitable is by taking the public into partnership dividing tho protit with it, making buying and selling a mutual beneüt, making the interest of the buyer identical with that of the seller in doing business at "The Store"- koeping what the public requires. In a word, placing before it advantages in the way of selections that are positively unmiatakable and unapproaehable. vv here it canget the best vvithpleasantsurroundings courteous treatmeat, ready servij and a hundred other things to encourage trade that make us grow to its own aüvantage." To be the leading trading "the trading center of Washtenaw county" with its 40,000 inhabitants is a desiderátum the.v fully appreciate and tare lost uo opportunity, have spared iio effort that they might gain that proud distinction. That they now occupy thac position no one will question and tho immense trade they have enjoyed the past years is a ntting recognition by the public of their efforts and their sound bti8iness principies. Past achievoment with thom mean future inspiration. Not content to stand still or go back they are now more active thao ever laying plans forthe present year to still further increase their business and the great provisión they have made to supply the spring trade, the tempting things they otïer in desirable fabrica and bargains attest ttie success of their activity. Many raonths before the tariff schedule went into effect contracts were made with foreign manufactures of several lines of Dress Goods and Linens very favorable to themselves on an anticapated market and at prices whieh have proved far bclow thatpossible to obtain at any importers in this country. These goods are now being sold at sonsational prices and as a result their sales during Pebruary gurpasses all provious eorresponding monthB, largely, when counted by dollars, ünmensely wheu measured by bulk and "The Stoke" has presented an appearance such as is usually found there during the heavy fall trading, condition of things most gratifying and encouraging'to them and eniinently satisfactory to their customers. Mr. Mack is now making preparation for his usual spring trip to the eastern markets and will spend some time there this year gathering up whatever may be found in desirable offerings Basing his purchases on present trade indication thoy will be more than usually large. Many specialties for Easter will be brought out for their great Easter Sale. Head work and hard thinking has built upThe Store at overy point. WiUi money anyone can rent a store, put up signs, blow trumpets, but it takes more than money to do the kind of merchandizing that is really servicable to a community. Money does not put people in possession of artistic taste and sound judgement. Genius for organization and the everlasting hammering at the thing to have it right, because nothing lesa than right will do, is an example of what The Store stands for, as an illuntrated essay on commerce, good tasto, comfortable apd price, savingshopping.


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