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A Hundred And Fifty-eight More Students

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The calendar tor Uiis year wlll give the number of students in the University as 2.S1.",. which is an inervase of 156 over the attendance last yeár. approximate amount which the l'niversity wil! recive in tees this year Is $107,088, of which the I,5é5 Michigan atudents pay $46,650 and the 1,270 studente coming from óther st;itcs pay $60,388. Of the 1,514 literary studi uts, so are resident gr.adu&tes and 240 are select studeuts. There are 211 enrolled in the senior class. 'I'ho júniora number 232, whilc there are 223 sophomores and ."i.s freshmen. iu the medical de'partmeni there are 374 studente, of whom five an nesidont graduates and two are select studente. The othcrs are dlvided fimong various classes as follows: Seniora, G8; juniors, 70; sophomores. üs: freshmen, 131. The law departraent has an enrollniiMii of 648, otiT seniora und :'rS2 juniors. in iiiis departmem there are ín gradúate studente alid nine special students. There are three resident graduatee in the department of pharinacy. ■_:; second year men and 51 in the lirst year. a total eiirolhnent of TT. 'M' fche 1T students in the lhiin..,patliic depaitmeñt, three are in the third yrar, three n the second year aiul 11 in the lirst year class. Tin dienta have an enrollmeni of is:., divided in classes as follows: Seniors. 48; júniora, i!: freshmen, '2. There are two gradúate students In the dental departmi at.


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