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A Fraudulent Banker

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Too other evemng a stylish and gentlemauly looking individual stepped info one of the leadiug restaurants in Par K fook his seat at a table and ordered a fliüner tres recherche. Wbeu it. was I up, he t ïckled the dishes with tho placid detigijt of a genuiue epipure. Vv'heu ho was half way through the desBert, a closed cab drew up at the door of the establishment, and a very grave looking gentleman requested perruission, to look throngh the premises, as he expeoted to flnd there a fradulent banker, wliom he as a deteotíve was instructed to take into custody. Of conrse his demand was complied with, and no sooner had he entered the dining room than he pointed to the luxurious reveler and ■whispered in the landlord's ear: "You see, our information was correct. There he is. But for your o'wn aka we prefer to avoid a row. Please teil tho gentleman that his friend Baron L. ja outside and wishes tospeak to him for half a minute. " On receiving the message our gastrotiomist immediatoly rose frorn the table and went out on the boulevard, where he was taken possession of by the detective, who put him into the cab and drove off w'th hiru Next day the restaurant keeper went to the uearest police oñíco to recover payment for the "fraudulfcut banker's" dinuer, amountímr to abor.t 00 francs. But neitber rhe commiasary nor his snbordinates knew anything of the suppceed capture. In the end it turned out to be nothing moro or less than a clevcr bit of comedy gofe up for the purpose of cnabliug one of theactorsto havo "u ood blowout " -


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