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The street sprinkler started last Friday. W. Preske will build a home near the toll gate. The schools commenced work again yesterday. ___ About 1500 signed the Murphy pledge iu Ypsilanti. Alderman H. J. Brown is painting his residence Rev. Henry Tatlock preaches in Hamburg next Sunday. George H. Pond is repainting his idence on State street Dr. V. C. Vaughan is paiating his residence. on State street. Miss Emma E. Bower addressed a Maccabee rally in Detroit Friday . ing. Samuel R. Gregory and Mrs. Jennie B. Fisher, of this city, have been married. The Zion church pulpit was filled Sunday by Rev. Mr. Hansemann, of Detroit. __ The Bethlehem church society meets tonight to consider the sale of their old church. H. B. Dodsley is assisting Assessor O'Hearn in making up the birth and death list. Robert Downing will appear in "The Gladiator" at the opera house, Thursday evening. An eight and a half pound daughter arrived at Charles Kajuska's house last Friday morning. The University glee and banjo club had a crowded house in Denver last Thursday evening. The mayor of Ypsilanti has had the keepers of disreputhble houses in that city notified to leave. Mrs. Miranda Lukins is building a new home on Church street between Willard and Hill street. Royal Lathrop paid two dollars into Justice Gibson's court Saturday for riding on the sidewalk. Frank Tibbals, of Ypsilanti, was flned $5 or thirty days in jail last Thursday for not supporting his wife. There are still a large number of tagless dogs on the street in imminent danger of being taken to the dog pound. Hazel, the four year old daughter of George Apfel, fell from a fence Saturday and broke her left arm at the elbow. A mission is being held for men in St. Thomas' church ths week led by the Paulist fathers, Revs. Smith and Youman. Dr. Carrow has just removed a c.ataract from the eye of a man eighty-seven years old. The operation was very successful. Drs. S. A. Jones and E. A. Clark, who have recently formed a co-partnership have elegant rooms in the Light Infantry block. Mrs. George Jedele died of dropsy last Friday morning, aged sixty-four years. The funeral was held Sunday in Scio church. Rev. E. W. Ryan, D. D., lectores in the M. E. church next Friday evening in the Epworth League course, his subject being "Palestine. " The GradĂșate club meets at Prof. Rnssell's next Thursday evening. Prof. Thomas will give an address on the "Beginnings of Poetry." The Michigan University base ball I team defeated Wabash college Friday, by a score of 22 to 9. Shields sprained his ankle in the sixth inning. Rev. Dr. Steele, of Detroit, the former pastor of the Presbyterian church in this city, will flll its pulpit next Sunday morning and evening. Mrs. H. K. White died Friday af te a long illness, aged sixty-eight years. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. J. T. Sunderland, Sunday afternoon. Prof. Kelsey's lecture on "A Summer in Pompeii, "accompanied with Neapolitan songs by Prof. Lamson, will be given, with stereoptican views, at the Presbyterian church next Monday evening, April 29. Henry Reichinann, the directory man, who claimed to have been robbed recently on the Saline road by three highwaymen, who stopped his horse and held him up with a revolver, has been arrested in Detroit charged with embezzling $75. Prof. Richard Hudson lectures before the M. E. Bible class next Sunday on "The Protestant Reforrnation. " The anmtal convention of the Episcopal diocese of Eastern:,Michigan, will be held iu this city during Mny. The University base ball team defeated the Notre Dame team at Sotith Bend, Indiana, yestĂ©rday, by a score of 13 to 0. A counterfeit dog tag is in possession of the city clerk. It is cut the same size as the regular tag but has no inscription. W. B. Rorabacher has been appointed postrnaster at Worden, vice J. T. Berry, resigned. Mr. Rorabacher is the merchant at Pebbles Corners. . The Detroit high school nine defeated the Ann Arbor high school nine in a game played in this city Saturday, by the score of 18 to 17. Mrs. Abbie M. Gray, of Alpena, died this morning after a long illness. She was the neice.of George H. Pond and a sister of Mrs. E. E. Beal. Mr. C. G. Lidell, who has been with the Waltkey Soap Co. in St. Louis, Mo. , for the past f our years, will return to this city to remain at his home on V,T. Mi Her Ave. The morning service in St. Andrew's church next Sunday will be devoted to missions, and the meeting will be addressed by Rev. Mr. Stonex, of Hamburg, and Hon. James O'Donnell, of Jackson. Mrs. Alice Cornwall died at her home on North Ingalls street, Sunday morning, aged sixty-two years. She was the widow of Harvey Cornwall, who died February 2. She leaves one son and two daughters. The funeral services were held at ten o'clock this morning iu St. Thomas' church. The editor of the Ypsilanti Commercial planted peas last year on the 31st of March which pat their heads above ground, April 10. This year he wanted them a day earlier and so planted them March 30, but the pesky peas did not get above ground until April 17. A. B. Covert, the taxidermist, is mounting a trumpeter swan, a species very rare in Michigan, but common west of the Mississippi, which was shot by John F. Boyse, at Bay Point, Erie township, in Monroe county, April 16. The specimen, which was a flue one, was purchasd by Eberbach, and will remain in this city. Thursday affp.ruoou, at th'ree o'clock at McMillan hall will cccur the next regular meeting of the W. C. T. U. Reports of the county convention will be given and Dr. Mary Wood Allen will conduct a model "Mothers' Meeting." A special invitation is extended to all interested in the care and training of children to be present.