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Dexter Township

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Misses Maud Hooker and Ida Stevens made us a short cali Tuesday. Mrs. Rosier has been visiting her sister in Websrer. Mrs. Clifton Green ia the guest of friends out of town for a few days. Frank Smith, of Lima, made a flying trip to Hudson Friday. Mrs. Schermerhorn spent Sunday with her mother, Airs. Puliver. Torn Shehan, Jr. , of Hamburg, called here Mouday. Mr. Burch, of Livingston county, Tril! spend the summcr with his cousins. , Mrs. Clarence Carpenter and Mrs. Owen McClain spent Saturday and Snnday in Ypsilanti. Thomas McComb and wife spent the Sabbath with their sou and family in Ann Arbor. Dan Cunningham, of Scio, was here on Wednesday. Mr. Isham made ns a cali Friday. Mrs. Wm. Field has returned to her home in Graud Ledge. Chas. Miller, of Chelsea, was enertáined by Dexter friends Sunday. Will Smith was in Hudson Snnday. Leonard Rosier has gone to Hastings to spend the winter. O. A. Vaughan was in Pinckney on business Saturday. Chas. Voorhies and wife, E. Ferris and John Hughes, wife and daughter spent Snnday with Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Drew. James McCabo i-.ud sisters, Kate and Alice McCabe, attended the surprise party at John Shehan's, in Hamburg, Fridity night. Mr. Buhl and family, of Anderson, were here on business the last of the week. ."'Irs. John Ledwedge cntertained her p Friday. Business called F. Dolan and son to Piackney Wodnesday. Mrs. F, Haney i:nd family of Ann Arbor, have moved to Piuduiey. Mr. Monks and broihcr, of Pinckney jiassed here Wednesday on their way to Ann Arbor. Mrs. F. Vernam is making extensivo improvements on her farm near Birkett. Miko Ryan, of Hamburg, speat Wedaesday in this place. ' Mr. Dabois, of Gladwin cotmty, is here looking after bis business interosts. Mrs. Chris. Brogan and son, of Marioa, visited her sister Friday. Dan Quish made ns a pleasant call tbe ñrst of the week. George Pearson, of East Patnam, was here Wednesday. B. Hopkins and Theo. Stanton were in Patnam S.iturday. James Lyman was in Detroit on Tuesday. Warren Ryan was in town over Snnday. C. Alley was a Detroit visitor lase Friday. T. CulHnano has gone to Battle Creek. Mr. Quish is back from Grand R;ipids. Robert Flintoft and daughter, of Emery spent the Sabbath with his daughter, Mrs. A. Taylor. Mr. Mercer, of Pettysville, spent the Sabbath with bis best girl in this place. Lwi L30 and wife were Pinckney visitors Saturday last. Mrs Ym Hooker of Pettysville ar d Mrs Wni Hooker of and Mrs Wm Stevens of Masón spent Friday with Mrp. T. McComb. Miss Clare Haab has gone to Saline for a two weeks' stay. Tom James has gone to Kansas, to spend the summer. Mrs. Gallagher has returned to her home in Buffalo, N. Y., after several weeks' stay with her daughter, Mrs. P. Guinan. The Dexter band will soon be heard discoursing sweet strains before the publio. St. Thomas' orcbeátra of Ann Arbor, gave a fine concert at St. Joseph's church on Wednesday evening. O. C. Bostwick now rides a fine new bicycle. Charles Stannard has removed bis bicycle repair shop to the Arksey building on Main st. Frank Reason, of Pinckney, well known in this vicinity, has purchased an improved phonograph and expects to start on a concert tour. The concert at the opera house Saturday evening was a good one. George Vinkle is improving his residence in the village. Mra. Amos Phelps is erecting a new barn on her property on Baker st. Work on Dr. Honey's new house was begun last Monday. Miss Libbie O'Neil entertained her friend last Snnday. Miss Ella Prench has opened a dressmaking parlor on Arm Arbor street, at the residence of John Tuffs. Miss Cara Rseve is taking post gradúate work in the high school. Miss Mattie Larkin, of Pettysvüle, has entered onr school. Frank Tuite, of Detroit, was in town last week. Eugene Hicks, of Brighton, visited bis cousins the last of last week. George Caesar, aged 55 years, died at the home of G. W. Parker Tuesday, April 16. The funeral took place on Wednesday, Bev. Mr. Blomfield officiating. Mrs. John Scheiferstein, of Chelsea, is spending a few days with old friends. Glen Carpenter is home from his visit with his grandparentB. George Sigler and song, of Pinckney, were in town Monday. Mrs. A. H. Watson is entertaining her eister from Ohio. Born, April 12, to Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Bostwick a girl. H. 8. Cope preached a very interesting sermón in the Baptist church Sunday evening. The Hudson ball players are preparing to give a dance in their hall in the near future. John Harris, of Putnam, was on our streets Friday.