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The Board of Public Works Accepts an Apology. THE SIZE OF OUR WASHTENAW FARMS. The May number of Munsey contains a half-tone portrait of Lillian Nordica, one of the soloists of the second annual May festival. In connection with the portrait the magazine says: "Lillian Nordica has a boundless admiration for Frau Cosima Wagner, who personally superintends every detail of the performance of her husband's operas at Bayreuth. 'The intimate knowledge,' says Madame Nordica, 'that she has of every note of the music, every part of the poems, every detail of the costumes, and every gesture and movement in the action, is simply astonishing.' Nordica sang in Bayreuth last summer, which left her only five weeks' vacation. This was spent in Lucerne, where she had a steam launch, and went fishing every day upon the beautiful Alpine lake. She sang during this period only once, and then as an act of charity. Her permanent home is in London, where she has a handsome house in Regent Terrace."