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They Stood On Their Dignity

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The special meeting of the board of public works yesterday morning was a sort of brotherly lovefeast between Messrs. Bullis and Clark and Contractor Hutzel. The latter eat a trifle of humble pie pro forma, and the board said he was a good boy. Last fall, when Hutzel used his own hard brick, the board said he must not, even when responsible citizens like Frederick Schmid, Evart H. Scott, Michael Fritz and others were offered as security that the brick would stand the weather. Even the offer of a money deposit sufficient to rebuild the man-holes in case of poor materials would not soften the board. Now all is changed and the board hastened to pass a resolution testifying to the good qualities of the Hutzel brick. Mr. Hutzel was called in to give an account of himself for using his own hard brick and not the Wagner brick. Mr. Hutzel explained that he had difficulty in procuring Wagner brick He had examined his contract more closely and found that his own brick came within the specifications. Acting under the advice of his counsel, he had gone ahead with the work. The members of the board were in an amiable frame of mind and said that his explanations were satisfactory, but why had he not consulted with the board? Mr. Hutzel said that from his experience last fall he felt he could accomplish nothing by consultations and therefore, acting under the advise of his attorney, he had gone ahead and used his own brick. The board requested Mr. Hutzel to withdraw for a time. Mr. Bullis and Mr. Clark consulted together, and when Mr. Hutzel was called in again said the honor of the board must be sustained. If an apology was made, they would sanction the use of his brick. Mr. Hutzel smilingly replied, if that was all that was necessary to prevent friction, he would comply. Thereupon the board drew up an apology which Mr. Hutzel signed, and the board passed the following resolution offered by President Clark, which is a high testimonial to the good quality of the brick: Whereas, Mr. Hutzel has applied to this board for permission to use the Ann Arbor brick, and Whereas, The brick he desires to use are in the opinion of this board of such quality as to be suitable for the purpose for which they are to be used; therefore be it Resolved, That he, the said Hutzel, be allowed to use the same in the corapletion of the man-holes and flush tanks in sewer district No. 2.