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t HEART DISEASE. Fluttering, No Appetite, Could not Sleep, Wind on Stomach. "For a long time I had a terrible pain at my heart, which fluttered almost incessantly. I had no appetite and could not sleep. I would be compelled to sit up in bed and belch gas from my stomach until I thought every minute would be my last. There was a feeling of oppression about my heart, and I was afraid to draw a f uil breath. I could not sweep a room without resting. My husband induced ine to try Dr. Miles' Heart Cure and am happy to say it has cured me. I now have a splendid appetite and sleep well. lts effect was truly marvelous." MES. HAKRy E. STAIÍK, Pottsville, Pa. Dr. Miles Heart Cure ís sold on a positive puarantoe that the ürst botMo trill beneüt. Aüdruggistssellitat&l, G bottlc8 for $5, or it wil! besent., preoaid, on receipt of price by the Dr. Miled Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind. Sold by Drugglsts Everywhere. AHEAD OF ALL MAGAZINES this country has seen. - Albany Argus. IN THE North American Review are always found The Right Topics, By the Right Men, At the Right Time. The North American Review is recognized on both sides of the Atlantic as the foremost Review in the English language, and no expeDditure is spared in maintaining it in its unrivalled position. The Review is the mouthpiece of the men and women who know most about the great topics on which Americans require and desiretobeinformed from mouth to mouth. lts list of contributors forms a roll of the representative men and women of the age. Subjects that concern the interest of AMERICAN WOMEN receive constant and special attention. Among topics recently discussed are: "Women Suffrage in Practice"; "The Reuaisanceof Woman"; "Woman in Politics"; "The New Aapcct of the Woman Question," and "The Modern Girl," by theauthoroi "The Heavenly Twins"; "The Future of Marriage"; "Evila of Early Marriages"; "The Servant Gir] oí the Future"; "Tbe Financial Dependence of Women"; "Trades-Unions for Women"; "The Lack of Good Servants": American Life and Physical Deterioration"; 'Gqod and Bad Mothers"; "TheTyranDy of the Kitchen"; "The Amateur Nurse"; Mark Twain's Defense of Harriet Shelly etc, etc. A NEW FEATURE FOR 1895. The Review will publish in 12chapters, becrinnin.u' with the January number, the Personal HIstory of the Second Empire, a historical work of ansurdassed importance, which wil] throw a dood of new lijrüt upon the chequered career of Napoleon III , anilthp influenoes which Jed to the callapse of his Empire in the (figantic truggle with united Germany, under Wilhelm I. and liis Iron ChanceJlor. Itisa8 lascinatinfí as a romance, beins richly anecdotal and fu 1 of Information drawn from sources hltherto lnaccessible, presented in the graphic and vlvaoloua Btyle whioh "The Engli8hman in Pax'is." by the samo author, bas made familiar to thougands of readers. 50 Cents a Copy; $5.00 a Tear. The North American Review, 3 Bast I4tli St., New Vork. Ül -2? O ' - y Mild a(2ac.Tl.. Fitic THE ANERIUN TDBACCD COHPANt SUCCE5SCR. Wf NLW VORK U.5JL 'f ABSOLUTELY PURE THE OLD REUABLE SWEET CAPORAL CICARETTE Has stood the Test of Time MORESOLDTHAN ALL OTHER BRANDS COMBINED t&ttiiMikl PÍLLS bï Ifruszht tor (Viirhc.itcr s RujlUh liijfifïs fcO.jir7iyíívni iredaml f;ÍíínietHllicV(tt' löiWboxes. s".ilcd wilh blm rihhon. Take VS iSn otlicr. Iïffusc dangtrotix V Af tiunx and imitathnx. M OrusgÍKts, or 8end4c y in stampa for partioulnrs, tcstimooials and B " Kellef for I-adlt-n," ín Irttrr, by return ff Mali. 10.000 rwtimoDnl. .V-imc apoi-. f Ohh'henter Chemical Ca., Aluiiri m(iiu.-, Sold bj U Local Uruegwu. i'hilaid., i. p R. WILLIAMS, áttornev at Law and Pension Claim Attornev. MILAN, MICH. Conveyancimg and Collectionp.


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