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On The Eye Of War

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Pender, Neb., May 1.- Sheriff Mullin openly declared yesterday if a single ■white settler was murdered by Indian pólice while resisting eviction before Tthe courts settled the Winnebago' reservation matter it meant annihilation ■of the Winnebagos. He said he had Jetters from hundreds of men all over Thurston county and even from other counties who volunteered their services to assist in wiping out every Indian on the reservatlon if a single white settler was killed. Sheriff Mullin added that if Capt. Beek perslsted in forcing trouble before the courts settled the eubject he would take a posse of sufficient numerical strength to invade the agency and he would arrest Capt. Beek. The sheriff expressed the belief that Capt. Beek would not dare attempt another movement with any hope of success unless by the aid of troops. The refusal of Federal Judges Dunijr sand Riner at Lincoln to grant a mandatory injunction requiring the tenants -of the Flournoy Live Stock and Real Estáte Company t vacate the Indi lands they claim on the Winnebago reservation has brought the dispute to a climax. Agent Beek at once announced hls intention of contlnuing evictions of those tenants who hold by virtue of leases effected -with the Indians without the consent and sanction tf the agent. This wlll doubtless leaa o bloodshed, as the people of Thureton ounty are divided into factions over the trouble existing between the Irjdfan agent and the Flournoy company, nd feeling has been running high up ttos-e for some time. Under holdings of the federal judges the order issued last March by Judg Sanborn of the northern district was contlnued in force until further ordera of the court. This simply forbade the Flournoy company and those who hold upon similar leases from making any .new leases. The ones now held by the Flournoy Company will expire January t, 1896. It has been held by one of the federal courts that the sanction of the agent is necessary to the validlty of a íease made by an Indian of hls land. Under this ruling Agent Beek proposes to proceed with the evictions.


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