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Devil's Lake, N. D., May 1.- After siftlng information from all avallable sources here, there seems no doubt that the serious state of affairs at Turtle Mountain Is mostly if not entirely caused by Canadian half-breeds. The pretext is Indian claims to a largre tract of land in the Devil's Lake district of which the United States has assumed title but to which it is generally conceded the Indians had certain treaty rights. American Indians and half-breed seem satisfied to await the deliberations of the United States commissioners in settling the question, but the Canadian half-breeds, whose claim is denied and seems to be without equitj. persist in asserting claim, disturbing settlers, exciting American half-breeds, committing timber depredatións, and golng even to the extent of burning houses, in their own district, creatlng shiftleness and disrespect of law. The use the pure bloods as cat's paws so as to give the affair the appearance of justlce to the Indians. There can be no doubt as to the existence of the deplorable state of affairs and the necessitp f prompt and vigorous action. Mar shal Cronan intends to lay the matter feefore Judge Thomas and request an order for the use of the militia, as the drcumstances clearly indícate a situation with which civil authority is uaable to cope. ,


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