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Southerner For 1896

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Not long ngo The Post propounded to the Democratie party a few interrofratories: Why net nomínate a sonthern man iiext ycar? Why rejeot nine-tenths of the presidential timber at the party'a disposal and give to an insignifieant minority the monopoly of houor and promotion? Several of onr contemporaries, however, have asked us where tlicre is to be fonnd a southern man big enongh, broad enough, strottg enongh to meet the expectations oi the party ajd the requiroments of the position. We have been challenged to do this, and we accept the challenge by asking whether any fault is to be found with James B. Enstis, our present embarcador to France. We shoulrt like some one to teil us in what respect James B. Enstis of Louisiana falls short of the most exacting reqnü'ement. Mr. Eustis has been iii public life for many yeaxs. He has served in the legislature of his own state and in the United States senate. He believes in party organization, in fair fighting in the field of politics, in rewards to the victor, in the people's right to govern themselves, in the people's wisdom and sincerity and jtistice. He understands the questions now agitating the public mind - questions of domestic or international import. His speech in London the other night, on the occasion of the American society banquet, shows that he shares the deepest convictions and the most vivid and intense aspirations of the American people as regards our relations with foreign countries and our proper attitude toward them. In what particular does Eustis failf Of what standard of Democratie availability and official eqnipment does he f all short? We have been asked to name a man, and we have done so. Now leí Borne caviling critic say wherein our nominee is lacking!-


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