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A Tonsorial University

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Philadelphia has a uew collegiate icstitntion. Itisknowu as "The Philadelphia Barber College. " The faculty consists of two professors, the founder, L. EL Bailey, and his wife, who occupy a small railed off space near the door. The students, of whom there are ten, occupy the center of the big room. The subjeets, as a rnle, are queer looking "objeots. " They are gentlemen of the road. The barber college is a godsend to them, for it saves beer money. Every morning one of the students goes out with a handful of small cards upon which is prwted: "Free hair ent and shave ! Froin H to 6 o'clock every day. White men only Come and bring your friends. No. 83a Cherry street. Absolutely free. " These he distributes at the varionscheap lodgiug and eating houses in the vicinity The gentlemen who receive the cards are uot slow to accept the invitation. Some of them are proud to do so, for, as one of them said white he was waiting for a shave : " 'Tain't everybody wat kiu git his face scraped by a college student and bosirlfis have a rmrtv woman in on fer to see dat de job's done right. See?" Mrs. Bailey is the instructor. She is a bright little woman, with a mission. "I think, f rom íny personal observations, " said she, "that the barber business in Philadelphia needs elevating, and my hnsband aud I are doing our best tóward tliat end. " The "course" lasts eight weeks. -


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