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Stole Three Wives

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A remárfcable i alien jewis i 'it of St Angnstiue. i Thn he hM been marriod, bnt lis wives have bien stolen from hirn by j lis brothers Si years a&o he made his flrst matimonial vi ix months afíer the redding he awoke cue morning to flnd had fled with bis ■ Williaiu. Lcwis procured a divorce and sóou af terward married again. ral months ago Lewis tired'of wife No. 2, or rather fell iu lovewith a Hiss Rollestou, aud obtaiued a divcrce. While the snit was pending hs was naknig violent love to Miss Eiolleston, and all arrangements were perl'ected for he wedding On the days rhat Lewis did not cali on Miss Ho i losten his brothr Emanuel did and with the lady's onaeut laid a c mui terp lot. The consequence was that when Lew- ready to-wed Miss Rolleston he onnd she had eloped with Emanuel. Mr. Capella bore ' his matrimonial misfortnnes bravely, however, and beeamo reconciled to wife No. 2, whom ie had divorced, and two months ago ie remarried her Apparently they were living happily until Mr. Capella's third brother. John, mt in an appearance. Soon he uotioed that Mrs. Capella md John seemed fond of each other, md the other morning he awoke to find tln-.t the conple had eloped, taking the jabyT the only child, with them. Mr. Capella is disgusted Avith wives and brothers. He says he internis to apply to the legislature for permission to chango his name. To crown Capella's misfortnnes, his residence, worth $5,000, was destroycd


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