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We rn;ike all .f our upholstered furniture and guarantee flrst-class work; havebeeuin business for over a quart i ol ;i century; and you need have no loai about ordcrlng this suit. 11' you do not think it Is the Kreatest Ixiraia yóu ever saw. wlit'ti yon unpach it, rotura to us at our expense, and we will return yon your money at once. Our $15 Parior Suit- Has been the talk of every one inDetrolt ever since we flrst offered it. We now s'VS our patrono in the State a chance to purchase thls suit, whieh is rcaily worth $;ii), for $15. Fine Mahojianv Fiuishcd Frames, Bubbed and Polished, French l.egs, Haod-Carved Backs. Seat upholstered in Silk Tapescry at Í2.76 a yard. wlth the cholee in colors the same as on the Overstuffod Suit. The three pieces of this suit are the Divan, Arm Chair and Small Cbair. We are unable to Bell these pieces separately. Our cuatomers in the state ntieding anything in the line of Fnrniture or Curtains will save money ly coming ioDetroiiand seleetins the same f rom ourlarge stock. All correspondence promptly attended to. lied ttooni Suits. Fine Antiquo Suits, rubbed finish and fiuely carved, t'or $13.50. We carry 100 samples on our Hoor and guarantee to sat'Sf y the most fastidious. We espeoially pride onrselves on our flnc stock of Iron and Brass Bedsteads also Odd Dressere, Toilet Tables and Chitfoniers to match. Iron Beds from $4.95. (Circular mailedon application). Full stock of Dining Room Furniture also on hand. Our Curtain and Drapory Department is one of the largest tn the west, and anyone needing anything: in tliis line will do wel! to write ns for samples Save money Ijy Buy ing your Goods from the Largest Furniture % Drapery House in the West, m i 261 and 263 Woodward Avenue. DETROIT.


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