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The Royal Baking Powder

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possesses a peculiar quality, not possessed by any other leavening agent. It makes bread, biscuit, cake, muffins or rolls which may be V eaten when hot without inconvenience by perW sons of the most delicate digestive organs. m Yeast, and all baking powders that produce the M leavening gas by fermentation, as is well known, destroy those nutritive elements of the flour which are the most healthful and the greatest aids to a W perfect assimilation oí the food. m The Royal Baking Powder leavens the food m perfectly by purely mechanical means, without Á changing or impairing any of the elements of the flour, thus making it both delicious and wholesome. T 0 The latest investigations by the United States and Canadian Qovernments 0 show the Royal Baking Powder superior to all others 4 in purity and leavening strength. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 106 WALL ST., NEW-YORK. %%%v%%vvv


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