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Zanesville, O., May 30.- The Republican state convention was as tamo yesterday as it was lively Tuesday. After being in session till midnight and nomlnating the head oí the icket, there was little life left in the dJujgates and only minor places on the state ticket to be lively over. Owing to the way in whlch the factional Unes had been drawn by the McKinley and Foraker men in noniinating General Bushnell for governor it wa? evident that the slate headed by Bushnell would go through and that candidatos not on the same slate would go down. The field held out against Bushnell for six hard fonght ballots and the candldates for other 'state offices contostcd everything, holding the convention in contiuuous session from 9 a. m. to 2:15 p. m., and all that time balloting for minor nominations and engaged in the dullest routine business on state affnirs. BailinH Slate lioes Through. After the convontion went wild over exGovernor Foraker's nppearance it was promised that he would speak and that there would be sorae lively scènes. But Foraker was too much engaged in having his friends named for state offices to be called out. He was distinctly "in it." He sat on the platform with Sherman, Foster, Grosveuor and others most of the time, but he was al way s In communication with those on the floor. With a single exception in wliich little interest was taken the Bushnell slate went through complete for the eight places on the state ticket, secured a majoricy of tho members and all the officers of the state committee and really made a . clean swept of the old regime. While there Wore many disappointed candidates and their lieutenants, yet the mo st material thing for the future are the conditions that confront Governor McKinley. -ome Bnckeye l'ollticul History. His presidentlal boom in Ohio is in the same embarrassment as was Sherman's candidacy under the Foster administratiou with Garfldld's senatorial annex in 1880. In 1884 Sherman had the Blaine element as well as Foraker and Foster to contend with. In 1888 Sherman had the same old experience, and in 1896 thero will be a McKinley delegation from Ohio to the Republican convention, but it will be selected by Foraker and Bushnell no matter what may be theresultof the state election noxt November. The ForakerBushnell combmation has control of the party machinery, and the present party organization continúes till after the selectiou of the delégales to the next Republican nafcional convention.


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