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WALL PAPER! WALL PAPER. Off ALI. The Newest Designs PRICES THE LOWSST OSCARS SOEG TUK DiSCORATOB, CAN I OBTATN A PATENT? Fora prompt answer and an bonest opinión, WTite to BÏUNN fcC'O.,who have had nearlyflfty years' cxperienceintho patent business. Communications strictly conflrtential. A Ilanclbook of Iniormation concerninu Patents and how to obtain ihem sent free. Also a catalogue of mechanIcal and scientlfic books sent free. Patenta taken through Munn & Co. receive pecial noticeinthe Scientilic Amcricnti, and ttnis are brought widely before the public withOnt cost to the inventor. This snlendid paper, lssued weekly, elegantly illustrated, has by far the Jarest circulation of any acientiflc work in the world. 83ayear. Bample copies sent f ree. Building Edition, monthly, 2.50 a year. Single copies, !Í5 cents. Kvery number contains beautiiul plates, in colora, and photographs of new bouses. with plans, enabling builders toshow the Jatest deaitins and secure contracta. Address MÜNN & CO„ New Yokk, 3il Bküadwat. GO o-g z M tl S ti = g S II Ü s % i 3 1 -1 3 S ] Si 5 S e i 5 [ 1 i ra p S s po n s m w 1 SU I I I I I tl EWIS' 98 % IYE FOWSXBZS ATS FZBrOVID (PATEKTBD) Th ilrawi t and pnreat Lya marta, ünllke other Lye, lt belug a flne powder aad packed In era wlth removable lid, the conten t are alwaya ready for uso. win mahe the beat perfumed IlaMSoan ia 20 minutes without buillnv. ït i tbe bet for cleansiug wasTa pipos, dlsinfecting slnka, doeeteL washing bottlee, palnts, trees, eto, PEN1ÏA. BALT M'F'O CO. Gen. Asta., Folla,, Fa. , Q R. WILLIAMS, Attorner at Law and Pension Claim Attoraei, MILAJÍ, MICH. and Collectiona AHEAD OF ALL MAGAZINES this country has seen. - Albany Argus. IN THE Nohth American Review are alvvays found The Right Topics, By the Right Men, At the Right Time. The North American Review is recognized on both sities of the Atlantic as the foremost Review in the Enfclish language, and no expenditure is spared in maintainingit in its unrivalled position. The Review is the mouthpiece of the men and women who know most abo ut the great topics on which Americans require and desiretobeinformed from mouth to mouth. its list of contributors forma a rol) of the representative men and women of the age. Subjects that concern the interest of AMERICAN WOMEN receive constant and special attention. ! Among topics'recently discussed are: "Women Suffrage in Practlce"; "The I nalaanceoi Woman"; "Woman u Politics"; "The New Aspect of the Woman Question," ' and "The Modern Girl," by tUeauthorof "Tlie Heavenly Twlns"; "The Future of Man-lage" ; "Evils or Early Marrlages"; "The Servant Girl of the Future"; "The Financial Dependence of Women"; "Trades-Unions forWomen"; "The Xack of Good Servauts": 'American Life and PhyMcal Doterioiation"; "Good and Bad Mothers"; "The Tyrann.y of the Kitchen"; "The Amateur Nnrsc"; MarkTwain'8 Defenseof Harriet Slielly etc., etc. A NEW FEATURE FOR 1895. TheRavTEW wili publish in 12chapters, bepinniriu' with the January nuraber, the Personal Hlstory of the Second Empire. a historica! work of ansurdassed import anee, which will throw a ílood of new lijrht upon the chequered ca reer of Napoleon III , ana the influences which led to the callapseof his Empire in the m'irantic truKKlo with united Germany, under Wilhelm I. and lis Irou Chancellor. ït is as f a6cinatinr as a romance, bem"nchly anecdotal and f uil of int jrmation drawn from sources hltherto iuaccensible, presented In the sraphic and vivacious Btyle which "The Englishman in Paris," by the same author has made familiar to thousands of readers. 50 Cents a Copy ; $5.00 a Tear. The Nor tb American Review, 3 East I4th 8t., New Vork.


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