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A Cat And Dog Teaser

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"I' ve got agreat scheine, " saidau ingenieras Orange county man. ' ' There 's no patent on it either. It is just a cat and dog teaser, and it beats anything I ever saw f or the purpose. I got an oíd stove zinc and laid it on the grotuid near the back door. Then I put a wooden bucket of niilk on the zinc. In the kitchen I've got a battery of two gallon cells and a 4 inch coil, with a vibrating circuit break - er. One wire is connected to the zinc píate, and the other terminates in a piece of metal in the inilk. Yon just ought to see the effect. A cat comes along, smells the rnilk and goes for it. She just touches the ïnilk with her whiskers and looks puzzled wlien the slight, tiugling shock is feit. Then she returns to the attack and touches her tongue to the surf ace of the niilk. Her hair rises then, and sho emits a yowl of rage or pain as she springs away from the pail and then turns to look back at it. I have seen the same cat take two shocks within as many minutes and tlien act as if she wanted to try it again, but didn't dare to. "With dogs it is different. The dog steps upon the zinc, lops his long tongue into the milk and then throws a back somersault. He wants no more after that, but tucking his tail between his legs streaks out of the yard as quickly as possible. If you want to try it, yon needn't use a whole pail of milk. Just take a crockery dish, and it will answer just as well. Mille is choap up our way, tou know, and I took the first tliing that J , - - carne handy. "


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