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Paper Money And Disease

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There is no place iu the world where more dirty papur moriey is bandled from day to day than in the national bank redernption difisiol] of the treasnry departineut. Tbore are in existence some 3,500 uational banks, each of which bas ontstauding bank notes ranging in amoiini from $10,000 or $12,000 up to nearly $500,000. Every dollar of these notes passes through the hands of the men and womeu eruployed in the national bank redemijtii divisiou. This office bas been in existence uow for about 30 years. There are eniployed in tho divisiĆ³n somewhere about 25 girls and women. Theyhaudle "uutold millions" of bilis in the course of a year, and if there was aiiy dauger from contagiousandiufectiousdiseases in old bank notes it would seem as though this would be the place to flnd symptorus. Yet Mr. Rogers, who bas been chief of the divisiĆ³n for ten years, and who has been connected with it since it was organizad, assured the oorrespondent that tbere has never been a case of infoctious or coutagious disease oontracted by one of the employees of his office. Everyone of them hand les the bilis sent in for redemption. They are counted and sorted time after time. They are the dirtiest specimens of money to be


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