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The Kodak Can Lie

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The amateur photographerwho is alsn au aiiñlor is well aware that his camera will back onn up when boasting of his piscatonal prowess. One photo I saJ repieseuted a hiige flah, the length ol which appeai-ed to equal that of a 2 foot rule, whieh was also skowu. iu realit' the "take" was a little dace, or carp and while beiiig photographed it had been held very to tho lens The rule, of course, was taken some distaaw away. One of my authorities was onee eugaged by both sides in a law case A company. which I will cali the City L id.ilnircveioutcoiapraiy, w ütodto abolish a certuin corjt leading from Lombard street to Kuag Wiiliam street and were willing to estublishin itsstead a passage ün-uiigh une of ther üwu buildings, liie óoinpauy's pica was that tho eourt was a dingy, not to say dirty onp, and, fm-thermore. that itwashannt'. ed by loafers of questiouable character. Counsel fór the other side, representing merchants having offices in the court, 6toutlymaintained that the passage was well lighted and eminently respectable. Photographs were handed in from both sides. The first photo showed a narrow, disreputable lookiug alley, strewn witli rubbish and fallen hoarding. The other pietiu-e, however, showed the coiirt in dispute to be a f airly broad, well lighted city thoroughfare, freqnented by merchants of thriving aipeai-ance. These photographs were taken for the house of lords committee, but the matter was amicably settled. Here is another case: The Shuttle Machine company vacated their premises in Cheapside, and another sewing machine dealer moved in. In order to trade upon the established reputatiou of the company the second tenant left the old name on the windows and ovei the door, but added the word "late" in very minute characters for his own protection. The Shuttle company waxed wroth, brought an action aud engaged 'a photographer to take a view of the of fending shop front from a tailor's window opposite. When this photograph was produced in coui-t, it was hauded to the presiding judge with a powerful glass, wliereupon his lordship was able to perceive that what appeared to the eye to "oe a mere ornamental dash was in reality the protecting word ' ' late. ' ' The photographer himself, by the way, was not aware of this. The aggrieved sewing machine company secured an vjunction.


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