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A new profession for "gentlefolk" has been discovered in London by two impecunious members of the class. They have discovered that there is a livelihood to be obtained by "polishing off" the nouveaux riches and others whose manners "have notthat repose which Btamps the caste of Veré de Veré. ' ' They are a well born, well bred married couple who are still sufflciently young to be adaptable. They have been used to the ways of the leisure class, and they are clever enough to teach them. Anything from the cure of the cockney accent to the proper way to entertain a duke is taught for a "consideration. " The wife describes her share of the work thus: "I generally," she says, "undertake to engage the services of all specialists, such as superior maids, who know what is what and can give judicions and useful hints to their mistress ; also manicurists, teachers of deportment and sometimes teachers of elocution. I have cured one very bad case of mere outward vulgarity in three weeks for 10. guineas, and I have corrected a cockney accent in three mornings for 3 guineas, while, on the other hand, a certain city man, who never aspired to anything better than heavy British dinners, Fridays to Mondays at Brighton, and Mansion House balls until he married the daughter of a west end restaurant manager - she knew nothing of life beyond her own narrow sphere - gave us carte blanche to make 'fine folks' of them. "Not much could be done for him beyond keeping him quiet, but she lent herself to our process. Now they have a very pretty place in flampshire and entertain some rather nice people in the summer. We ourselves received 100 guineas for our advice, but the husband must have spent over 25,000 in adopting our hints as to mode of living, and he tells us that what he has got for it is


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