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The Noisy Cannon Cracker

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Were you ever in a fireworks factory? Well, let ine teil you how the noisy cannon cracker is made. First, brown pasteboard is ent up in pieces about 6 by 12 These are covered with paste and deftly rolled around a stick by a boy and then elipped oflf, and we have the cases - i. e., cylinders some five inches long and a little more than half an inch in diameter. Strands of cotton are covered with powder, which is thoroughly rubbed in, and ent in lengths of about three inches. These are the quick matches. Around one end of each match is rolled a covering of paper. This end is placed in a hole in a short solid metal cylinder 011 a worknian's bench. Over the black end of the match as it stands upright he puts one of the cases, into which he pours a sruall quantity of dry New Jersey clay and pounds it down with a long wooden raiamer, thus making a plug in one end of the pasteboard case, in the center of which is the match, with its covered end protruding. Now the case goes to another workman, who pours in n charge of powder, and thence to a boy, who puts some glue around the insiiie of the open end of the case and inserts a little woodeu plug, thus loosely confiuinj; the powder in the middle of the p:u:teboard tube. All that remains to be done is to paste a colored printed cover on the case iind the cannon cracker is completed and ready to be boxed iip.


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