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Sibley Predicts Dire Things

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ai ene evening eession, wnicn Degan promptly at 8 o'clock, Senator Williara M. Stewart, of Nevada, presided and introduced CoDgressman Joseph Sibley, of Pennsylvania. Sibley was greeted with thunders of applause.and in a two-hours' speech aroused his audience to a high pitoh of enthusiasm. He m-.ide an earnest appeal for independent political action in 1896, and ocoupied a good deal of time lllustrating the necessity of breaking away from the oíd parties. His auditors were evidently with him, for every attack upon Secretary Carlisle, the presiden or Senator Sherman was greeted with a noisy demonstration, and every time he asked the crowd if they would remain with their oíd parties and continue the domination of the English money power, he was greeted with a chorus of "noes." He paid his respecta to the president and to Seoretary Carlisle, in very plain language, oalling them "traitors" for their part in the "conspiracy to demonetize silver and fasten upon the country the hardships of a gold standard." All such outbursts as this were greeted with tumultuous applause. "We must win this nght in 1896," conlinued Sibley." "or we lose it beyond the ltfetirae of my gem.T.itlon or the o;ir thaf follows it You canaot put this ftgbt off beyoud 18M and win it. If the monometalist win then cornos the retiremunt of greonbacks, the forgini? of O00.O00 letters on out induories. There are other great queítiois to be considered. but they are lnsigniiic mt u óempared with this. If we losa this flarht ia 1S93 two grat condition ars tu bo tea red - repudiation or revolutioa. The one or the ottier is sure to coiïïo." Sibley expounded four political alionas which he said contuinèd tlie rcsult of his ptiuly of the money qauöiioa. Tiiey were. Firsí, doublé the volume of money an,l yüu doublp prices; s.'cund, divide the v.i urne of monoy and you divide prices third, doublé the volume of money ;u you divide ihu doots; fourth, dividí; ti, volume of uioaey and you doublé thif debts. Calis tor Bryan failed to bringthat gentleman to the front when Sibley had con cluded, and Charles S. Thomas, of Denver, took the floor and spoke at length on the subject before the convention, puttina forward a vigorous argument for the fr coinage of =üver. Alter a few shoi speechijs the convention adjourned for thj day.


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