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Boyhood's Day

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Ts, ring the bells and raise the flag we loye. Let rockets curve and f reedom 's eagle lord it. The patriot' prlde, pure as the blue above, Gleams far tno bright for humblest heart to hoar'i it, AíkI mi y all things conspire To feed such altar üre. 1 had in mind a story for the day, A talo wheru truth was victor over treason, to the tempter spokc.ï bravcly : "Nay, They're plentiful as blaokbnrrirs in seasonThese legends men affix To helploas sevcnty-six. " And though we'd faln no fair intention balk Should unto narrative clcsire impel one, Tis eweeter task to listen than to talk, To hear a wartime s'vtry than to teil one, Ií he br.ilds word on word Who Si.." ilu iliing, not heard. this is boyhood's day. No "grownupa" tall Must relégate to thjir vain use ita glory, For yontli has eagerly hnbibed it all - Our nation's Rovolutionary story - And I , perhaps of rigUt, Part of each maroh aud Ught. Now may our past within ov.r pn aent live, To deeds of horoos dcad be thia the sequel, While heaveu shall seedtimo r.nd harvest give That all mon shall, in fact, be f ree and equal. Then f tamn shall dim no oyes Turncd where our banner flies.


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