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Drink With Meals

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The iucessant adjuration not to drink with meals we have always held the reverse of truth froin theory and from experience. The latter is that dry meals cause heartburn, the former shows that splittiug up the meal of solid food with liquid acts precisely like splitting logs of wood into kiiidhng for the fire, giviug the digestive fluid easy access to the sraall particles, instead of sizzling and making gas on the outside of a wad of thick paste. And the talk of diluting the gastric juice is nonsense, because the surplus fluid drains quickly through the stomach. Bettet drink too much than too little. We are glad now to be re-enforced by an English sporting man, Mr. Horace Hayes, who says that drinking nothing during or for an hour and a half after meals is the best of ways to train down weight, but he cannot do it because it always brings on rheumatism - probably from the solid food producing overconcentrated salts in the circulatiou, and consequent deposits in the muscular fiber. The same writer says that the notion about animáis being injured bygiving them a drink when heated is a stupid and cruel piece of barbarism ; that it only does them harm when the drink is very cold, by producing nervous shocks as it would to a man, while if the chili is taken off it first, it refreshes a heated horse to take a good drink just as it does


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