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Cowardly League Conven-tion.

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There are ominous growls all along the republican line because of the utter cowardice and iinbeciliy nianifested by the recent national convention of republican clubs in dodging every issue of the day on account its abject terror of the f ree silver specter. Rather than say anything which niight in the least degree detract from the g. o. p. chances of once more getting its nose in the publico crib, it chose to say, in sbstance, that it did not represent any thing 01 any body and consequently should keep "mum. " A fine spectacle this for contemplation ! A gathering previously heralded as "thoroughly representaive of the most advanced republicanism" backs down and "flunks" when called upon to state what "advanced i canism ' ' stands for. Ne vertheless these , , cowardly, irresposnible, spineless gentlemen had the effrontery to declare fchat the "continuedglory and advancemeut of our country" is safe in theii hands. The people had a righr to expect something more definite on the paramonnt issue whioh for nionths past hat awakened anxiety and alarm and which except for the splendid courage of a single man wonld ere this have made oí our credit a subject for tauut among the nations of th earth. Au open frank avowal of its position on the silver question vrould have been far more becoming to the league and we firmly believe more advantageous to the republican party. This nation is progressive not retrogressive and consequently will uever adopt fre% and unlimited and independent coinage of silver at the 16 to 1 ratio. If the republican party is for sound money therefore a definite statement of its position would have operated to its advantage in aiding many who have become lost in the fog of free silver to find their way back to honest money. As it is the silverites claim the advantage and assert that they were that strong in the convention that the League did not dare to try conclnsions with them. Their claim is plausible bec.tuse if the silver men were not there in strength why was tne couvention afraid to declare itself ? If the party is as man y of its organs have boasted "the great bnlwark of honest money" why should it have conrproinised with an enemy that was not formidable. Probably the free silverites would have been outvoted had it been possible to bring the cowardly convenñon to a stand on the issue, but by its foilure to indícate the probable conrse of the republican party on the silver question it added [moral forcé and dignigity to the silver heresy, whereas it should have contributed to the cure of the aggravated disease. No doubt the currency question will be a matter of f ar [ess concern next year than it is at present but that in no sense relieves the League convention of the charge of rank cowardice and of being a rediculous 'ailure. The Otis Steel corapany of Cleveland has furni.shed one more evidence of the return of prosperity. It has voluntárily raised the wages of its eight hundred employés ten per cent. Proof of this kind is unmistakable.


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